Vivian norbury

Vivian Norbury is a former secretary for the secret service. Vivian was selling secrets that she learnt from her position as a secret service secretary.

The British ambassador to Georgia learnt about Vivian's selling of secrets. The ambassador and other hostages was held up by terrorists in the British embassy in Tbilisi. After Vivian learnt that AGRA were being sent in to free the hostages, she tipped off the terrorists so that her secret would remain secret.

Vivian met Sherlock Holmes in the London Aquarium, before they were joined by John and Mary Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade and some police officers. After Vivian's role in the Tbilisi embassy disaster was revealed, Vivian shot at Sherlock, but Mary jumped into the path of the bullet and was fatally wounded. Vivian was taken by police.

Appearances Edit

Vivian Norbury appeared in the Sherlock episode The Six Thatchers.

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