In the moments of the third season finale of Sherlock, fans got a huge shock when Jim Moriarty came back from the dead with the message "Did you miss me?" But how is it that Moriarty came back? How is it possible?

Season three exploded with the seaon revealing that Sherlock Holmes was indeed, not dead. The reaction from John Watson, after he came face to face with Sherlock, I thought was quite funny.

The best moment of the whole season would have to be the final part of 'His Last Vow'. When John and Sherlock say goodbye to each other, thinking it may be the end. After the plane has taken off, Sherlock gets a call from Mycroft telling him that England needs him, when it revealed Moriarty was alive, and the plane turned around.

I have to say, the memory palace scene, also in 'His Last Vow', was my second best. It was so well directed. The music is so beautifully added in the background. Also, fans finally get to know what 'Redbeard' was and how it was significant to Sherlock. 'Redbeard' was Sherlock's dog who was put down when Sherlock was young.

I have to say, Steven Moffat has, as always, captivated many people with this new season of Sherlock. I know I am ready for yet another season.

-Grace Summers.