Vital statistics
Affiliation Navy (formerly)
Occupation Torturer
Family Wife
Appearances The Empty Hearse
Main actor Tomi May

The torturer is a man who tried to get information out of Sherlock Holmes in late 2012.


The torturer used to work in the navy. While working in this profession, he had an unhappy love affair.

Later on in his life, he married. He lived in a house where the bathroom's electricity was not working. However his wife was not faithful to him and had an affair with the neighbouring coffin maker.

In late 2012 the torturer tormented the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes in an effort to gain the reason for the break-in Sherlock committed. Sherlock was able to get him to return home after telling him that his wife was at that moment with the coffin maker.

Behind the scenesEdit

The torturer was played by the English actor Tomi May.

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