Vital statistics
Family Mother and father
Appearances The Empty Hearse
The Sign of Three
Main actor Ed Birch
Sherlock Holmes: "I’m not saying a word."
John Watson: "No, best not."
Sherlock and John about Tom's similarity to Sherlock.[src]

Tom is Molly Hooper's former fiancé. He was engaged to Molly in both 2013 and 2014, though the pair separated before the Christmas of 2014. In many respects Tom is quite similar to Sherlock Holmes, often wearing a similar long dark coat.


Tom met Molly through some mutual friends earlier than November 2013. They often went to the pub on weekends. Tom introduced Molly to his parents and other members of his family.[1]

In late 2013, Tom traveled with Molly to 221B Baker Street, where he met Sherlock HolmesJohn WatsonGreg Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson. Most of the other guests found that Tom's appearance reminded them of Sherlock's but none mentioned this to him.[1]

He and Molly attended John Watson and Mary Morstan's wedding. When Sherlock describes the mysterious stabbing of Stephen Bainbridge, Tom thought that it was an attempted suicide with a blade made of compacted blood and bone. Molly grew embarassed after Tom announced his theory, forcing him to sit down quickly. Later during Sherlock's speech, Tom said to Molly that he thought Sherlock was drunk. This caused Molly to stab Tom in the hand with a plastic fork.[2]

The pair separated some time between May and December 2014, and their engagement was canceled.[3]


Tom appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Tom's split with Molly Hooper was mentioned in the episode His Last Vow.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tom is played by the actor Ed Birch.

Notes and referencesEdit

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