Vital statistics
Affiliation James Sholto
Occupation Private nurse
Appearances The Sign of Three
Main actor Alice Lowe
"I honestly think I had dinner with a ghost."
—Tessa to Sherlock Holmes.[src]
Tessa is a private nurse working for James Sholto and a client of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. She approached Sherlock after she dated a mysterious man, who she later believed to be a ghost. In fact it turned out to be Jonathan Small, who dated her to get closer to assassinating James Sholto.


Work for James SholtoEdit

She worked for James Sholto after his return from Afghanistan. Before her employment she was forced to sign a confidentiality clause because she saw much secret information during her job, such as John and Mary's wedding invitation.

The Mayfly Man dateEdit

She had a dinner date with Jonathan Small, dubbed the Mayfly Man by Sherlock Holmes. For the date he had taken the identity of a recently deceased man in an effort to find out about the wedding of John and Mary Watson. After Jonathan did not contact Tessa after the date, she travelled to the apartment he gave her. She found out that the owner of the flat had died a week previously from a heart attack. This discovery led her to believe that she had dated a ghost. She later visited the website I Dated a where she found women who had similar experiences as herself.

Consulting Sherlock HolmesEdit

Tessa travelled to 221B Baker Street to enlist the help of Sherlock Holmes. Having just returned with John Watson from John's stag night, she told the pair her perplexing story. She failed to notice that they were both extremely drunk. She then travelled with the pair to the apartment of the deceased man. When the landlord became at their drunken antics, Tessa defended their actions. Despite her attempts, the two were still arrested. Later, she chatted to Sherlock online about her experiences with the Mayfly Man.


Tessa appeared in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three. She was also mentioned on The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tessa was played by Alice Lowe.