This information is from the alternate 19th century timeline.

Sherlock Holmes was a consulting detective who operated in London and surrounding areas in the late nineteenth century. He was a firm friend of John Watson, whose accounts of their detective experiences earned Holmes much renown.

Biography Edit

Sherlock was introduced to John Watson by their mutual friend Stamford. They moved in together at 221B Baker Street and became friends. Holmes was involved with many cases, including those involving Irene and Professor Moriarty. His detective exploits were chronicled by Watson in the Strand magazine, such as The Blue Carbuncle.

In December 1894, Holmes became involved with the case surrounding Emelia Ricoletti's ghost, through his brother Mycroft and Inspector Lestrade. He investigated the murder of the initial victim Thomas Ricoletti as well as the threat to, and eventual murder of, Sir Eustace Carmichael. After some time, Watson's wife Mary brought the culprits, a secretive branch of the suffragette movement, to Holmes and Watson's attention.

Appearances Edit

Sherlock Holmes appeared in the Sherlock episode The Abominable Bride.

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