Sebastian Wilkes.

Sebastian "Seb" Wilkes is a bank manager for Shad Sanderson. He went to university with Sherlock Holmes and later asked Sherlock to investigate mysterious graffiti at the bank.


Sebastian attended the same university as the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Sebastian, along with the other university students, found great annoyance in the fact that Sherlock always knew who you had slept with the previous night.

After graduating from university, he worked at the bank Shad Sanderson in London. When the office of the bank's former chairman Sir William Shad was graffitied, Sebastian asked Sherlock to investigate. He offered Sherlock a large upfront payment which John Watson took on Sherlock's refusal.

Sebastian's dinner with three other men was interrupted when Sherlock informed him that the banker Eddie Van Coon had been murdered. After praising the late banker, Sebastian was soon informed that the police suspected his death was a suicide. Sebastian reprimanded Sherlock for getting carried away in his investigative efforts and told him to complete the job he was hired for.

When Sherlock and John solved the case and revealed the culprits as the Chinese crime group the Black Lotus, Sebastian paid the pair a twenty thousand pound reward.


Sebastian Wilkes appeared in the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sebastian Wilkes was played by Bertie Carvel.

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