Sarah Sawyer
Sarah sawyer
Vital statistics
Occupation General practitioner
Appearances The Blind Banker
The Great Game
Main actor Zoe Telford

Sarah Sawyer is a doctor based in London. She entered a relationship with ex-army doctor John Watson after she hired him for her practise.


By 2010, Sarah was working for a London practise. She was put in charge of hiring a GP locum to cover for the absense of three other doctors. She hired the former arny doctor John Watson.

After John fell asleep at his desk, Sarah voluntarily finished off the appointments that he didn't get to. John asked her out on a date, taking her to see the circus.

In April, Sarah and John travelled together to New Zealand to meet an old friend of John's, but they broke up afterwards in late April.


Sarah Sawyer appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

She was also mentioned on John Watson's blog.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sarah Sawyer was played by Zoe Telford.

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