Inspector Prakesh
Vital statistics
Nationality Indian
Affiliation New Delhi police force
Occupation Police inspector
Appearances Many Happy Returns
Greg Lestrade: "Clever man, Inspector Prakesh."
Anderson: "Oh, for ...! What police inspector could have made that deduction?"
Greg Lestrade and Anderson discuss Prakesh[src]

Prakesh is an Indian police inspector who was able to take all the credit for a case Sherlock Holmes solved in New Delhi.


Prakesh was put on a murder case in the Indian capital New Delhi. The killer was hard to catch and he needed help from the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes to solve. Sherlock worked out the distance the chocolate flake had sunk into the victim's ice-cream cone and used his information to find the killer.

Prakesh fronted a packed press conference to announce the capture of the killer, citing Sherlock's reasoning as the method of deduction. Just outside the conference room he encountered Sherlock. He checked that Sherlock didn't want to take any credit, saying that the solving of this case was all down to him.


Prakesh appeared in the Sherlock mini-episode Many Happy Returns.