Mycroft Holmes
Vital statistics
Other names The Iceman (by Irene Adler)[1]
Mike (by Mrs. Holmes and Janine)[2]
Affiliation British Government
Family Mr. Holmes (father)
Mrs. Holmes (mother)
Sherlock Holmes (brother)
Eurus Holmes (sister)
Appearances 8 episodes
Main actor Mark Gatiss

Mycroft Holmes is a senior member of the British Government, though his brother Sherlock hints he holds powerful positions in the Government, British Secret Service and CIA. He is the older brother of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.


Early lifeEdit

Mycroft was born to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, with his younger brother Sherlock Holmes born later. Mycroft believed himself to be much more intelligent than his brother, constantly belittling him.

Adulthood Edit

When Mycroft learned that his brother Sherlock had a new flatmate, he summoned the flatmate John Watson to have a discussion with him. Not revealing his identity, he offered John money in exchange for information about his brother's happenings.

Mycroft, and his assistant Anthea, traveled to Roland Kerr Further Education College upon the fatal shooting of Jeff Hope. He and his brother had an acerbic exchange, during which Mycroft's identity was revealed to John. Mycroft then decided to upgrade Sherlock and John's surveillance status to grade three active.

Mycroft attempted to persuade his brother to investigate the murder of Andrew West and the missing plans for the Bruce-Parkington missile project. Sherlock rejected his brother's offer, though John later met with Mycroft to gather more information about the case. Mycroft told John about the case's details, and was inaccurately assured by him that Sherlock was devoting all his focus upon the case.

Mycroft met with Sherlock and John at Buckingham Palace to discuss the dominatrix Irene Adler. He tells the pair how Irene has intimate photographs of her and a female member of the royal family, and only wants the photographs for safety purposes.


John WatsonEdit

Mycroft Holmes: "You don’t seem very afraid."
John Watson: "You don’t seem very frightening."
―Mycroft and John square off in their first conversation together[src]

Mycroft got John Watson taken to him in a car and asked him questions about his relationship to Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft offered John money to spy on Sherlock, though John declined the offer.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Deductive Reasoning: Mycroft has immense power of deductions that exceeds even his brother's. Shown in The Great Game where he deduced that the hiker wasn't murdered by simply reading the police report and in The Empty Hearse where he noticed hairs in a client's hat where as Sherlock failed to see and deduced the client's gender
  • Fast Learner: Shown in The Empty Hearse he learned the Serbian language only in a few hours


Mycroft Holmes appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Behind the scenesEdit

Mycroft Holmes was played by the English actor Mark Gatiss.

Notes and referencesEdit

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