Mary Watson
Mary Watson
Vital statistics
Died The Six Thatchers
Other names Rosamund
Affiliation CIA (formerly)
A.G.R.A (formerly)
Occupation Assassin (formerly)
Part-time nurse (formerly)
Family John Watson (husband)
Rosamund Watson (daughter)
Harriet Watson (sister-in-law)
Appearances The Empty Hearse
The Sign of Three
His Last Vow
The Six Thatchers
The Lying Detective
Main actor Amanda Abbington

Rosamund, later known as Mary Elizabeth Watson, née Morstan,[1] was a former CIA and freelance assassin. She gave up that life, took the identity of Mary Elizabeth Morstan and became a part time nurse. She met John Watson whom she later married in 2013.


Early lifeEdit

Mary was born with the name Rosamund and as an only child.[2] Her nationality is unknown.

Career as assassinEdit

Mary worked for the CIA as an assassin. After a period of time she went freelance as part of a team called AGRA.

Six years prior to the episode The Six Thatchers, one of AGRA's missions went horribly wrong. Mary managed to escape, thinking that the rest of her teammates had died. 

Life afterEdit

She met John Watson during the time Sherlock Holmes was apparently dead. She possibly met him through work, due to his career as a general practioner and hers as a nurse.

Death Edit

During a confrontation with secret service secretary Vivian Norbury at the London Aquarium, Mary was shot when she jumped in front of a bullet aimed at Sherlock Holmes. She died in the arms of her husband John Watson.

Other FactsEdit

She is a size 12 and has a secret tattoo. She is also a cat lover and bakes her own bread. (All of this was quietly deduced by Sherlock the first time they met).


Mary Watson appeared in the Sherlock episodes

Behind the scenesEdit

Mary Watson is played by the English actress Amanda Abbington.

Allusions to Conan Doyle storiesEdit

  • The initials of Mary's real name A.G.R.A. allude to the Agra treasure, the mysterious Indian treasure of which the original Mary Morstan was an heir.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. From the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three, when Mary's full name, including her maiden name, was shown on her and John's wedding invitations.
  2. From the Sherlock episode The Empty Hearse; one of Sherlock Holmes' deductions about Mary.