"Nice touch, this: the pool where little Carl died."
John Watson as dictated by Jim Moriarty.[src]
Unnamed london swimming pool

Sherlock Holmes at the swimming pool.

The London swimming pool is the aquatics centre where school boy Carl Powers died. Many years after his death, his killer Jim Moriarty met Sherlock Holmes and John Watson at the pool.



On a school trip to the London swimming pool, Carl Powers died in what appeared in be a freak accident. It was only later discovered by Sherlock Holmes that Carl had his eczema medicine poisoned by Jim Moriarty.


When consulting detective Sherlock Holmes found the Bruce-Partington Plans, he arranged a meeting at the pool. There he encountered John Watson with a bomb strapped to his chest and his nemesis Jim Moriarty. After a standoff, Jim was called by Irene Adler and he departed the pool.


The London swimming pool appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

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