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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson's apartment at 221B Baker Street contains many unique items.

Main living roomEdit

Sherlock holmes' skull

Sherloch Holmes with his skull.

  • Sherlock Holmes' skull - This skull on the mantlepiece was a "friend" of Sherlock Holmes'. According to Sherlock, he likes to think aloud and works out problems by talking to his skull.
  • Sherlock's Leatherback knife: This knife is stabbed into some papers on the mantlepiece.
  • Union Jack cushion
  • Music stand - This music stand is used by Sherlock Holmes when he is playing his violin, though he often plays from memory as well.
  • Sherlock Holmes' violin - This violin is played by Sherlock, usually when he is thinking deeply.
  • Bison skull - This skull of a bison wearing headphones hangs between the two living room windows.
  • Cluedo board - This Cluedo board is stabbed into the wall with a Fairbairn–Sykes knife after a game between Sherlock and John Watson.

Sherlock's bedroom Edit

  • Poster of the periodic table
  • Picture of Edgar Allen Poe
  • Poster detailing the rules of baritsu

Portable itemsEdit

Many items that reside at 221B Baker Street are often moved from room to room. These include:

  • Sherlock Holmes' computer
  • John Watson's laptop - This laptop is used by John Watson to write his popular blog. It was used once by Sherlock Holmes, when his own computer was too far away.
  • John Watson's chair is moved by Sherlock as it spoils his view

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