Kitty Riley
Kitty riley
Vital statistics
Occupation Journalist
Appearances The Reichenbach Fall
Main actor Katherine Parkinson
" I gave you your opportunity. I wanted to be on your side, remember? You turned me down so..."
—Kitty Riley to Sherlock Holmes.[src]

Kitty Riley is a newspaper journalist who became involved with the criminal Jim Moriarty and the detective Sherlock Holmes. She published the main article discrediting Sherlock, leading to his eventual downfall and faked suicide. She used information sourced from the actor Richard Brook, a cover identity for Jim Moriarty.


Life as a journalistEdit

Kitty Riley worked as a journalist for a newspaper company, but for a long time did not have a big scoop. However she often worked hard, typing in a hurry to meet a deadline.

Kitty riley as sherlock fan

Kitty Riley as a Sherlock Holmes fan.

Encounter with Sherlock HolmesEdit

Kitty first encountered the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes in the mens bathroom at the court case surrounding Jim Moriarty's major London break-ins. She posed as a Sherlock Holmes fanatic, complete with a deerstalker hat. However Sherlock easily saw through her attempted disguise, quickly deducing her real profession. She offered Sherlock the chance of an interview, but he declined her offer harshly. Before leaving the bathroom, he left her with three words: "You repel me."

Work with Jim MoriartyEdit

After her failed attempt with Sherlock, Kitty was approached by Jim Moriarty, who posed as the actor and close friend of Sherlock's Richard Brook. Jim told her that Sherlock had hired him as an actor to play Moriarty. Kitty soon published this information in an article titled 'Sherlock: The Shocking Truth'.

After Sherlock and John Watson read this article, they went to Kitty's home to ask her about her source. Jim walked in, revealing his plot to discredit Sherlock. Kitty insisted again and again that Moriarty was a made up villian played by Richard Brook. After Jim ran off, Kitty returned Sherlock's insult, saying that Sherlock repelled her.

After Sherlock's fallEdit

After Sherlock Holmes was declared innocent by the court, Kitty issued a statement delcaring she was "duped by James Moriarty and [she was] truly sorry that [her] actions lead to such terrible series of events." She also said she was very happy Sherlock is alive, and hoped that he'll forgive her for her own stupidity.


Kitty Riley appeared in the Sherlock episode The Reichenbach Fall.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kitty Riley is played by the English actress Katherine Parkinson.