Vital statistics
Died c. 2010
Family Barry Berwick (husband)
Appearances The Great Game
"[I] stabbed her over and over and over, and I looked down and she weren’t... wasn’t moving no more."
Barry Berwick about his wife's murder.[src]

Karen was the wife of Barry Berwick. She was killed in her Minsk hotel room by her husband after a fight.


Karen married the Englishman Barry Berwick, though he was never entirely faithful and occasionally chatted to other women.

One night in Belarus, Karen and Barry went out to a nice bar. She got annoyed at her husband because he started chatting to one of the waitresses at the bar. After they returned to their hotel room, they had a fight. Karen accused her husband of being a real man. When Barry found a knife in his hand, he repeated stabbed her until she was dead.

Barry was arrested, held in a Minsk jail and later hanged for the murder, despite appealing to Sherlock Holmes for aid.


Karen was mentioned in the Sherlock episode The Great Game.

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