Jonathon Small
Jonathan small
Vital statistics
Family Madeline Small (mother)
Peter Small (brother) †
Appearances The Sign of Three
Main actor Jalaal Hartley
"It’s not me you should be arresting, Mr. Holmes. Sholto, he’s the killer, not me."
—Jonathan to Sherlock Holmes.[src]

Jonathan Small is the son of Madeline Small and the brother of Peter Small. When Peter was killed in action in Afghanistan, Jonathan blamed Peter's commanding officer James Sholto for his brother's death. He planned to kill James Sholto in revenge for his brother. He almost killed Private Stephen Bainbridge in a practice run for the murder, before his attempt on James' life was thwarted by the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.


Jonathan was born to his mother Madeline, along with his brother Peter. After Peter was killed in action in Afghanistan, Jonathan grew to despise Major James Sholto who he blamed for Peter's death.

Jonathan began to plot the murder of James Sholto. He dated at least five women, including Tessa, who were all part of James' household staff. He used the identities of recently deceased men, causing the women to later believed they had dated ghosts. This technique lead to his title of the Mayfly Man. Jonathan's romances with these women enabled him to see James' invitation to the wedding of John Watson and Mary Morstan. As James Sholto did not frequently go out into the public, Jonathan decided this would be the best opportunity to murder him.

Jonathan planned to stab James with a thin blade, with James' belt preventing blood loss until it was undone. Jonathan rehearsed the murder, stabbing Private Stephen Bainbridge outside Wellington Barracks. Though Stephen did not die, due to the work of John Watson, Jonathan decided to use this technique for James Sholto's murder.

Jonathan arranged to become the photographer at John and Mary's wedding. While arranging guests for a photograph, he stabbed James with a thin blade. He left the wedding after the ceremony and started driving home. However he was arrested by Greg Lestrade before he reached home.


Jonathan Small appeared in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three. He was also mentioned on John Watson's blog, on the post The Mayfly Man and in the comments of the post The Sign of Three.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jonathan Small was played by the British actor Jalaal Hartley.

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