John Watson
John watson
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Affiliation Royal Army Medical Corps (formerly)
Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers (formerly)
Occupation Army doctor
General Practitioner
Family Mary Watson (wife)
Harriet Watson (sister)
Rosamund Watson (daughter)
Appearances 13 episodes
Main actor Martin Freeman
"The bravest and kindest and wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing."
Sherlock Holmes about John Watson.[src]

Dr. John Hamish Watson was a former Army doctor, former general practitioner and best friend and assistant of Sherlock Holmes. He is the brother of Harry Watson.


Early lifeEdit

John Watson attended King Edward Grammar School in Chelmsford, and learned the clarinet while at school. He then attended King's College in London from 1999 to 2004, in which time he obtained a Intercalated Bachelor of Science, Medical Science (Honours) and Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery.[1] He later trained at St Bartholomew's Hospital, where he met Mike Stamford who was also a student there.[2]

Adult lifeEdit

John joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and was deployed in Afghanistan. He fought in the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers and served under Major James Sholto. He fought in Afghanistan for three years in total, spending time in the city Kandahar, Helmand.[3] John was shot in the shoulder by an enemy bullet and had to be rescued by Bill Murray, an Army nurse.[4]

Return to LondonEdit

After being shot in Afghanistan, John returned to London and rented an apartment there. In this apartment he frequently had nightmares about his time in Afghanistan.

While walking in Russell Square Park, John met his old friend Mike Stamford. The pair had coffee together and discussed their lives since their last meeting. John mentioned that he was looking for accommodation in London, though he thought no-one would want to get a flat-share with him. Mike took him to St Bartholomew's Hospital to meet Sherlock Holmes, who had told Mike the same thing earlier that day. Sherlock and John agreed to meet at 221B Baker Street together the next day. That night after returning to his apartment, John googled Sherlock and discovered his website The Science of Deduction.

The next day Sherlock and John met at Baker Street and John was introduced to the landlady Mrs. Hudson. He and Sherlock decided to move into 221B. Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade entered the apartment and asked Sherlock to visit a crime scene in Lauriston Gardens, the site of the fourth serial suicide. After getting John to accompany him as an assistant, Sherlock and John traveled to the crime scene. In the cab on the journey there, John was astounded as Sherlock revealed his previous deductions about him.


Mary WatsonEdit

John first met Mary Watson, then Mar Morstan, during the time he believed Sherlock Holmes to be dead. They possibly met through work, due to John's employment as a general practioner and Mary's as a part-time nurse. John proposed to Mary in late 2013, and they had a spring wedding. During the reception, Sherlock revealed to the couple that Mary is pregnant.

While trying to incarcerate Charles Augustus Magnussen, Sherlock was shot by Mary, who was incidently trying to assasinate Magnessun. The truth about her past then came out: she was an ex-assassain who, while under cover in London trying to escape those who wished to kill her, she met, fell in love with and married John Watson.

Naturally John was upset that Mary did not reveal her past to him earlier. However they reconciled and continued their marriage, and are happily expecting the arrival of their baby.

Sherlock HolmesEdit

Upon first meeting the eccentric consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes, John's initially amazed and disbelieving at his abilities, unlike a lot of people who simply tell Sherlock to, eloquently, "Piss off." However, as their flat-share continues, a friendship of sorts develops between the two. Sherlock and John become each other's adventure: Sherlock whisks John away on adrenaline-charged cases while John manages to force the stubborn detective to, you know, maybe eat once in a while.

Because of a friendship that went deep into both men, John was devastated when he saw Sherlock jump off the roof of Bart's right before his eyes. As seen in the disorientated takes during that scene, John is grieved, confused, and desperate: he's literally willing Sherlock to not be dead.

Later in the episode he visits Sherlock's 'grave' and requests 'one more miracle': Don't be dead.

Two years later, after Sherlock revealed that he had indeed survived the fall, John was initially furious. He was especially angry that Sherlock had earlier revealed his survival to many others but not him. When Sherlock revealed himself at The Landmark London disguised as a waiter, John's consequent attack caused their ejection from the restaurant and several other eateries.

John next encountered Sherlock after Sherlock and Mary Watson rescued him from a Guy Fawkes Day bonfire. After returning to Baker Street, the pair then traveled to the Sumatra Road station, after Sherlock deduced Lord Moran's plot to blow up the Palace of Westminster. While pretending that they were going to be killed in the bomb's explosion, Sherlock got John to reveal that John missed him. John reacted angrily when he realised that Sherlock had known how to turn off the bomb the whole time, although he did forgive him.


John Watson appeared in all Sherlock episodes:

John also appeared in the unaired pilot episode.

Behind the scenesEdit

John Watson is played by the English actor Martin Freeman.

Allusions to the Conan Doyle storiesEdit

John Watson is based on the character of the same name in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories.

Notes and referencesEdit