John Mooney
Vital statistics
Born 1946
Died c. 2014
Affiliation Conservative party (formerly)
Occupation Politician (formerly)
Appearances The Sign of Three

John Mooney (1946 - c. 2014[1]) was a banker and former Conservative politician. In 1986, he was involved in a scandal with a younger male secretary that ended with political aspirations.


John Mooney joined the Conservative party and was seen by many to be a rising light in the party. However in 1986 his political career was ended by a scandal that revealed his affair with his younger male secretary. The party forced him out after these revelations were made public. He attempted to stand as an independent candidate but this plan did not succeed.

He then turned to banking and worked for Lloyds. He still worked for Lloyds at the time of his death from natural causes.


John Mooney was mentioned in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. John Mooney's obituary appeared in a newspaper in early 2014, in the episode The Sign of Three.

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