Jim Moriarty
Jim moriarty
Vital statistics
Died 2011
Occupation Consulting criminal
Appearances 7 episodes
Main actor Andrew Scott
"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain."
—Jim Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes.[src]

James "Jim" Moriarty is a "consulting criminal". He became obsessed with taking down his archnemesis Sherlock Holmes.


Early lifeEdit

Jim was born in Ireland.[1]

When he was young, Jim met Carl Powers. Carl was not nice to him, laughing at him regularly. In 1989 Jim carefully caused his death by poisoning his eczema medicine.[2]

Later lifeEdit

In late 2009 he approached the cab driver Jeff Hope. He promised Jeff that for every life he took, money would go to his children.[3]

Jim became involved with the Black Lotus Tong, a Chinese smuggling syndicate. He aided their passage to England to locate the Empress pin, though when General Shan was unsuccessful he ordered her assassination.[4]

Death Edit

On top of St Bartholomew's, Sherlock knows that if he's still alive, Moriarty's gunners will not kill anyone close to him. However, rather than survive and lose, Moriarty pulls out a handgun and shoots himself to finish his story (forcing Sherlock to jump off the roof).


Jim Moriarty appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

He was mentioned in the Sherlock episodes:

Notes and referencesEdit

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