"If you’ve got any kind of a problem – money troubles, bad marriage, whatever – Janus Cars will help you disappear."
Sherlock Holmes about the company.[src]
Janus cars

Mr. Ewert's office at Janus Cars.

Janus Cars is a London car rental service that served as a front for a criminal organisation. The organisation offered a new life to people who needed to escape their current situation, no matter what their problem.

In 2010, Ian Monkford approached Janus Cars wanting to escape and start his life anew. It was arranged that he would resettle in Columbia. When the car containing Ian's blood was found, the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes investigated the company. After a hint from Jim Moriarty, he deduced it served as a front to illegally claim money on life insurance.


Janus Cars appeared in the Sherlock episode The Great Game.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • As Jim Moriarty hints to Sherlock Holmes, Janus is the Ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions. He is usually depicted with two faces, hinting at the true nature of the company.
  • On the commentary for the episode The Great Game, co-creator and writer Mark Gatiss remembered an incident involving the large sign for Janus Cars. He said that in the logo, "the J and the C are facing away from each other like double faces, it’s all right, but it was very thin. All you could see was ‘ANUS ARS’ and it was an emergency thing to thicken the lettering."

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