Janine Hawkins
Vital statistics
Occupation CAM News
Position Charles Augustus Magnessen's PA
Appearances The Sign of Three
His Last Vow
Main actor Yasmine Akram

Janine Hawkins[1] is a former personal assistant for Charles Augustus Magnussen. She was befriended by both Sherlock Holmes and Mary Watson because of her association to her boss.

Biography Edit

Janine was assaulted by Mary Watson because of her position with her boss Charles Augustus Magnussen. Janine was invited to be Mary's chief bridesmaid at her wedding in May 2013, a position she accepted. She met the best man Sherlock Holmes at the wedding. She jokingly hinted that, because of their roles, it would be traditional to have sex. Sherlock revealed to her that he secretly loved dancing and always had, before giving her a brief dancing lesson.[2]

After the wedding, Janine dated Sherlock. He did so in an effort to gain access to her boss' office through her. Sherlock made her let him in through a fake proposal. Janine was then attacked by Mary Watson, who knocked her out with a blow to the head.

Upon learning the reasoning behind Sherlock's relationship intentions, Janine ended their relationship. She sold fabricated details of their courtship to various newspapers, even appearing on the One Show. She told the media about their apparent sex life, though in reality they never had sex. She made a substantial amount of money from the sale of information and bought a cottage in Sussex Downs with the profits.[3]


Janine appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Behind the scenesEdit

Janine was played by the Irish-Pakistani actress Yasmine Akram.

Allusions to Conan Doyle storiesEdit

Janine is somewhat similar to the character Agatha from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton. Edit

  • Janine worked for Charles Augustus Magnussen as a personal assistant, just as Agatha worked for Charles Augustus Milverton as a housemaid.
  • Janine became engaged to Sherlock Holmes, just as Agatha became engaged to the original Holmes.
  • Both Janine and Agatha were used by Sherlock Holmes to enter property belong to their bosses. In Janine's case it was Magnussen's offices in London, while Agatha unknowingly allowed Holmes to break into Milverton's house Appledore.

Janine also references other stories by Conan Doyle:

  • The cottage with beehives in Sussex Downs that Janine bought is a reference to a similar cottage that the original Holmes lived in, from the short story His Last Bow. This is all wrong.

Notes and referencesEdit

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