Isaac Whitney
Isaac whitney
Vital statistics
Family Kate Whitney (mother)
Appearances His Last Vow
Main actor Calvin Demba

Isaac Whitney is a drug taker and the son of Kate Whitney.


Isaac's drug habits occurred relatively regularly, as they were known to his neighbours John and Mary Watson.

One time his mother Kate visited John and Mary about her worries for Isaac. John decided to retrieve Isaac and he was accompanied by Mary. John found his upstairs in an old house, lying blankly on a mattress. After John also found Sherlock Holmes, Isaac travelled with the group to St Bartholomew's Hospital. After Sherlock was tested for drugs, Mary took Isaac and fellow drug addict Bill Wiggins to their respective homes.


Isaac Whitney appeared in the Sherlock episode His Last Vow.

Behind the scenesEdit

Isaac Whitney was played by Calvin Demba.

Allusions to Conan Doyle storiesEdit

Isaac Whitney is based on the characters of Isa Whitney from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story The Man with the Twisted Lip. They share many similarities, such as:

  • Isaac Whitney was addicted to drugs, just as Isa Whitney was to opium.
  • Isaac's mother Kate visited John and Mary Watson to discuss Isaac, just as Isa's wife Kate did to Watson and his wife in the original story.
  • John decided to retrieve Isaac, just as Watson did in the original story. However Watson was not accompanied by his wife as John was.
  • Both Isaac and Isa took drugs with others and were found by John Watson in a haggard and unkempt state.

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