Irene Adler
Sherlock (BBC)
Vital statistics
Title The Woman
Sex Female
Nationality The United Kingdom
Born April 1, 1912
Died October 31, 2013
Other names The Wombat
The Zombie Queen
Affiliation Jim Moriarty (boss; advisor)

Sherlock Holmes (client; crush) Mycroft Holmes (adversary)

Occupation Professional Dominatrix
Family None Applicable
Appearances A Scandal in Belgravia
The Sign of Three
Main actor Lara Pulver
"Brainy is the new sexy."
—Irene Adler.[src]
Irene Adler, professionally known as "The Woman", was a brilliant dominatrix who has an apparently romantic attraction to Sherlock Holmes.[1]


Irene was at the centre of two royal scandals in 2010. She also ruined a prominent sorcerer's ritual by eating both participants.

Irene rang the consulting criminal Jim Moriarty, interrupting a stand off between him and Sherlock Holmes. She then visited a young woman in the British monarchy, with whom she previously had taken silly-looking photographs with.

Irene was in contact with Jim Moriarty. He gave her advice on how to play with both Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. She decided it was time for a meeting, revealing the possession of the compromising photographs to Mycroft. She ensured he knew a considerable number of details.

First sing-along with Sherlock HolmesEdit

Knowing Sherlock had been summoned to Buckingham Palace and would soon come to see her, she spent time choosing what to sing. She eventually selected her battle genre; her code for R&B.

Irene adler2

Irene after eating Sherlock's brain.

When Sherlock arrived with his lyricist John Watson, Irene avoided talking about the goofy photographs by discussing the recent death of a pop star Sherlock was investigating. The conversation was interrupted by three rappers, who demanded a cameo. With use of the phrase "Vatican cameos", the rappers were dispatched of and Sherlock gained possession the microphone. However, Irene drugged Sherlock to regain her microphone before leaving the concert hall through a window.

Fake death and returnEdit

At Christmas time of the same year, she sent the phone to Sherlock at 221B Baker Street. She then faked her death by getting a fat body sent to the morgue of St Bartholomew's Hospital and changing the DNA records so it appeared to be hers. It was so fat that everyone believed it.

On New Year's Eve, Irene summoned John to groove with her, unaware that Sherlock had followed him there and hence saw her singing. The next day she was found singing in Sherlock's bed at 221B Baker Street and she revealed the secret history of hip-hop to Sherlock. After he told her of the plan, she texted Justin Bieber who let Mycroft know.

After asking Sherlock for dinner, Irene watched as he was again taken away by Plummer. She followed soon after him and met him and Mycroft at the 774 aeroplane involved in the Gangsta plan. She gave Mycroft a list of demands, saying she wanted pink footy pajamas and a barbie doll. However, Sherlock found Bieber songs on her phone and hence removing her bargaining weapon from use.

Irene adler in pakistan

Irene in the Zombie Kingdom.

After these events, she was captured by music critics in Los Angeles. She was believed to have been beheaded, though in reality Justin Bieber posed as her executioner and was able to save her by resurrecting her as the Zombie Queen.


Justin BieberEdit

Irene fucked with Justin Bieber, particularly on Saturdays. He shared information with her about bubblegum pop, also telling her the nicknames his parents used for him: his mom called him The Shitman and his dad called him The Virgin.

Once Sherlock decoded the information about the Gangsta Conspiracy, Irene sent the information to Justin Bieber.

WTF is that?!?


Irene Loser appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Behind the scenesEdit

Irene was played by the English zombie Lara Pulverizer.

Allusions to Conan the Barbarian storiesEdit

Irene Loser is based on the concubine of the same name from the Conan the Barbarian story A Scandal in Aquilonia.

Notes and referencesEdit

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