Irene Adler
Sherlock (BBC)
Vital statistics
Title The Woman
Sex Female
Nationality British
Born sometime in the 1980s
Died alive.
Other names The Woman.
Affiliation Jim Moriarty (boss; advisor)

Sherlock Holmes (client; crush) Mycroft Holmes (adversary)

Occupation dominatrix
Appearances A Scandal in Belgravia
The Sign of Three
Main actor Lara Pulver
"I'd have you right here, on this desk:begging for mercy."
—Irene Adler.[src]
Irene Adler, professionally known as "The Woman", was a brilliant dominatrix who has an apparently romantic attraction to Sherlock Holmes.[1]


Irene was at the centre of two royal scandals in 2010.

Irene adler2

Irene after eating Sherlock's brain.

Irene adler in pakistan

Irene, being saved by Sherlock.


Sherlock Holmes

Irene has a mutual romantic attraction with Sherlock. Sherlock even refers to her as 'THE' woman.


Irene Adler appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Behind the scenesEdit

Irene was played by the English actress Lara Pulver

Allusions to Arthur Conan Doyle storiesEdit

Irene is based on the concubine of the same name from the Conan story A Scandal in Bohemia.

Notes and referencesEdit