Henry Knight
Henry knight at dewer's hollow
Vital statistics
Appearances The Hounds of Baskerville
Main actor Russell Tovey
Sam Jones (young)

Henry Knight is a Grimpen resident who was haunted by the Baskerville hound.


Early lifeEdit

Henry's mother died when he was very young. After her death, Henry and his father used to walk onto the moors every evening.

Henry knight young

Henry running from Dewer's Hollow.

One night at Dewer's Hollow, Henry's father was killed by Bob Frankland who worked at the military base Baskerville. However due to the gas Henry breathed, he saw Bob as a gigantic hound. This was because of the shirt Bob wore that night, picturing the logo of the group H.O.U.N.D. on it.

The next morning he was found by Grace, running terrified across the moor. He screamed when faced with Grace's large dog.

When Henry was aged nine, he drew a picture of the hound he saw. This was later used in a documentary about the supposed hound.

Later lifeEdit

Henry eventually went to see a therapist. She said that Henry created the hound because of the trauma he had faced. She recommended returning to Dartmoor to face his fears.

One night Henry returned to Dewer's Hollow. He again saw the hound and afterwards decided to consult a detective about the hound.

The next morning, Henry took the 5:46 am train from Exeter to London. He had a disappointing breakfast and cup of black coffee. While Henry was on the train, the girl in the seat across the aisle wrote her phone number on Henry's napkin. When Henry used this napkin to mop up some coffee he rewrote the numbers that had become unreadable, due to his memorisation of the number.

Henry knight at 221b baker street

Henry Knight at 221B Baker Street.

Henry went to see Sherlock Holmes and John Watsonat 221B Baker Street. He gave them a documentary about the hound but Sherlock quickly turned it off to ask his own questions. Henry told him the story about the hound, eventually getting Sherlock interesting in the case.

Henry returned to Dartmoor and had another meeting with his therapist. He told her about the two words that were associated with his trauma: 'Liberty' and 'In'. Later on, Sherlock and John visited him in his house. Sherlock told Henry of his plan to return to the moor and see what eventuated.


Henry Knight appeared in the Sherlock episode The Hounds of Baskerville.

Behind the scenesEdit

Henry Knight was played by the English actor Russell Tovey. Young Henry was played by Sam Jones.

  • Rusell Tovey's nephew auditioned for the part of young Henry Knight, because, as Russell put it, he "has got sticky out ears" like him. However his nephew was deemed too young for the role, and Russell later agreed that the running required for the role would have been too much.[1]
  • The line where Henry confesses his richness to John Watson is a reference to the film Jaws, and a similar line between the characters played by Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider.[1]

Notes and references Edit

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