General Shan
General shan
Vital statistics
Nationality Chinese
Died 2010
Affiliation Black Lotus Tong
Occupation Black Lotus general
Appearances The Blind Banker
Main actor Sarah Lam
"What does it tell you when an assassin cannot shoot straight? It tells you that they’re not really trying."
—General Shan to John Watson.[src]

General Shan was one of the leaders of the criminal organisation the Black Lotus Tong. She led an attempt to regain the Empress pin after it was stolen by Eddie Van Coon. After the failure of this mission, she was shot on the orders of Jim Moriarty.


General Shan worked as one of the leaders of the Black Lotus Tong. She was a very influential leader, turning Zhi Zhu into a devoted follower.

Travel to LondonEdit

General shan as opera singer

General Shan as the Opera Singer.

In early 2010 she travelled to Britain as part of the Yellow Dragon Circus, a cover for the Black Lotus. Her role was as a presenter and opera singer, introducing the acts and revealing certain parts of the performance.

Encounter with Sherlock HolmesEdit

When John Watson and Sarah Sawyer were kidnapped, Shan and the rest of the kidnappers mistook John for the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Shan pressed John for the Empress pin, not knowing John had no clue as to its whereabouts.

When the real Sherlock appeared, Shan watched on as all her associated were attacked. She decided to make a run for it, escaping through the far end of the tunnel.


Later, Shan had a computer conference with M, a disguise for Jim Moriarty. She thanked him for his help and apologised for the failure due to the arrival of Sherlock Holmes. Despite promising M she would not reveal his identity, she was shot by a nearby sniper.


General Shan appeared in the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • General Shan was played by the British-Chinese actress Sarah Lam.
  • General Shan is credited in the episode as Opera Singer.

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