Fletcher outside the Cross Keys inn.

Fletcher Robinson[1] is a tour guide who works around Grimpen, Dartmoor. He runs the Monster Walk three times a day, telling people about the vicious hound apparently roaming the moors. For the tours, Fletcher has a large hound mask and a sign reading "BEWARE THE HOUND". He also has a concrete cast of a enormous dog's paw print.

Fletcher had a friend who worked in the Ministry of Defence. Fletcher and his friend had planned a fishing trip one weekend, but the friend turned up late. His friend was terrified and told Fletcher that he had visited a secret army base, like Porton Down or Baskerville. He told Fletcher that he had seen rats the size of dogs and dogs the size of horses.

Fletcher claims to have the Baskerville hound at Dewer's Hollow in about February 2010. Though it was foggy, he took a photograph of the purported hound on his smart phone. However, the photograph was poor quality.

When consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion John Watson visited Dartmoor in March 2010, Fletcher met the pair outside the Cross Keys inn, Grimpen. Sherlock and John pretended to have a fifty pound bet about whether Fletcher had any evidence of the hound's existence. John won the money after he told them about his past experiences relating to the hound.


Fletcher appeared in the Sherlock episode The Hounds of Baskerville.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fletcher was played by the British actor Stephen Wight.

  • Fletcher Robinson's name is the same as a friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The original Fletcher was a journalist and came up with the idea for the Baskerville hound.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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