Vital statistics
Occupation Banker
Family Wife and son
Appearances The Reichenbach Fall
Main actor Michael Mueller
"Back together with my family after my terrifying ordeal, and we have one person to thank for my deliverance: Sherlock Holmes."
—The father after his rescue.[src]

The father is a top banker who was kidnapped at gunpoint. Scotland Yard were unable to find him and so the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes was put onto the case. After using the banker's suitcase and clothes as bait, Sherlock was able to track him and masterminded his escape.

The father held a conference after he was rescued, thanking Sherlock for his aid.

The kidnap and rescue of the father was reported in at least two newspaper articles: Top Banker Kidnapped by Janette Owen and Reichenbach hero finds kidnap victim by Aileen Hickey.


The father appeared at the beginning of the Sherlock episode The Reichenbach Fall.

Behind the scenesEdit

The father was played by Michael Mueller.

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