This information is from the alternate 19th century timeline.
Eustace carmichael

Eustace at his home.

Sir Eustace Carmichael was a wealthy English aristocrat.

Biography Edit

Eustace spent some time in America, during which time he became involved with Emelia Ricoletti. He promised Emelia marriage and position, before leaving her abandoned and penniless.

In later life, he lived on a large estate with his wife, Louisa, and his two children, Daniel and Sophie. One day, Eustace became terrified after he received five orange pips in an envelope. Two days later he thought he saw the ghost of Emelia Ricoletti, who had committed suicide months earlier. Some days later, he and his wife encountered the ghost in the estate's hedge maze.

During a following night, Eustace was murdered by the suffragette movement for his earlier actions against Emelia Ricoletti.

Appearances Edit

Sir Eustace Carmichael appeared in the Sherlock episode The Abominable Bride.

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