This information is from the alternate 19th century timeline.

Emelia before her faked suicide.

Emelia Ricoletti was a member of the suffragette movement in England in the late nineteenth century. Once she discovered that she had consumption, she decided to fake her own death in order to become a martyr for the suffragette cause.

Biography Edit

Time in America Edit

In her younger days, Emelia spent some time in the United States. She became involved with the English aristocrat Sir Eustace Carmichael, who promised her marriage and position. However, he soon left her abandoned and penniless.

Return to England and death Edit

Emelia returned to England and married Thomas Ricoletti. After some time, she learned that she had severe consumption. She decided to fake her own death, so that her image could become a fear-inspiring spectre for the suffragette cause.

In December 1894, she faked shooting herself in the head while wearing a wedding gown, using a curtain sprayed with blood and a fake corpse. The next night, she murdered her husband in Limehouse, London, while wearing the same wedding gown. Afterwards, she was quickly shot in the head by an accomplice and had her body substituted for the fake one in the St Bartholomew's Hospital morgue.

Legacy Edit

The suffragette movement used the image of the murderous bride to kill outspoken opponents to the suffragette cause. They killed at least six people in this fashion, including peer of the realm Viscount Hummersknot, sea captain Leo Masterson and aristocrat Sir Eustace Carmichael. The newspaper reported widely on these murders, though they drew no link to the suffragette movement.

Appearances Edit

Emelia Ricoletti appeared in the Sherlock episode The Abominable Bride.

Behind the scenes Edit

Emelia Ricoletti was played by the English actress Natasha O'Keeffe.

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