Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme. The show shares many bonds with Sherlock.

Shared actors and actressesEdit

Many actors and actresses have appeared in roles in both Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Actor Sherlock role Appearance(s) Doctor Who role Appearance(s)
Sasha Behar Dr Mortimer The Hounds of Baskerville Spurrina The Fires of Pompeii
Bertie Carvel Seb Wilkes The Blind Banker Mysterious man The Lazarus Experiment
Gemma Chan Soo Lin Yao The Blind Banker Mia Bennett The Waters of Mars
Chipo Chung Presenter A Scandal in Belgravia Chantho Utopia
Fortune teller Turn Left
Phil Davis Jeff Hope A Study in Pink Lucius Petrus Dextrus The Fires of Pompeii
Peter Davison Planetarium voice The Great Game The Fifth Doctor 70 episodes
Lindsay Duncan Elizabeth Smallwood His Last Vow Adelaide Brooke The Waters of Mars
David Fynn Howard Shilcott The Empty Hearse Marcellus The Pandorica Opens
Mark Gatiss Mycroft Holmes 8 episodes Richard Lazarus The Lazarus Experiment
Rupert Graves Greg Lestrade 9 episodes John Riddell Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Jalaal Hartley Jonathan Small The Sign of Three Dick The Shakespeare Code
Andrew Havill Equerry A Scandal in Belgravia Chief Steward Voyage of the Damned
Vinette Robinson Sally Donovan 4 episodes Abi Lerner 42
Russell Tovey Henry Knight The Hounds of Baskerville Alonso Crane Vovage of the Damned
The End of Time
Danny Webb DI Carter A Scandal in Belgravia John Jefferson The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Victoria Wicks Margaret Patterson A Study in Pink High Priestess The Fires of Pompeii

Matt Smith, who later played the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, was the first person to audition for the part of John Watson in Sherlock. Co-creator Steven Moffat said that Matt Smith "didn't have a chance in hell of getting it 'cos he was clearly more of a Sherlock Holmes than a Dr Watson. There was also something a bit barmy about him, and you don't actually want that for Dr Watson, you want someone a bit straighter."[1]

Shared crew Edit

Crew Sherlock role Episode(s) Doctor Who role Episode(s)
Iwan Roberts Location manager A Study in Pink Location managar 21 episodes
Arwel Wyn Jones Series designer 9 episodes Supervising art director, stand-by art director, set decorator 42 episodes

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Matt Smith rejected for BBC's 'Sherlock' by Dan French, Digital Spy, accessed on 1 January 2015, link here.

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