"This isn’t a deerstalker now, it’s a Sherlock Holmes hat."
John Watson about the hat.[src]
Deerstalker in Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes wearing a deerstalker hat.

A deerstalker hat is a type of hat iconically worn by Sherlock Holmes. He first wore a deerstalker in an effort to shield his face from the paparazzi but the consequent photos have since become his trademark image.

In March 2010, John Watson was reading a newspaper that featured a photograph of Sherlock in a deerstalker hat.

In her disguise as a Sherlock fangirl, the journalist Kitty Riley wore a deerstalker hat.


A deerstalker hat appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

The deerstalker hat is also mentioned on John's blog.

Behind the scenesEdit

In real life, the deerstalker hat is worn mostly in rural areas. It is widely associated with hunting or 'deer stalking'.

Allusions to Conan Doyle storiesEdit

The hat is heavily associated with Sherlock Holmes, primarily due to the illustrations of Sidney Paget. Holmes was first depicted wearing the hat in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story The Boscombe Valley Mystery.

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