David at 221B Baker Street.

David is a former boyfriend of Mary Morstan's. He attended Mary and John Watson's wedding and served as an usher.


David dated Mary Morstan for two years and they parted on good terms. After they broke up, David responded to every one of her tweets within five minutes. On Facebook, all his photographs of Mary and her partner John Watson had Mary centre of frame and John either slightly or fully cut from the picture.

David was chosen to be an usher at Mary and John's wedding. He visited Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street about his role at the wedding, but Sherlock brought up his relationship with Mary. Sherlock downgraded David to a casual acquaintance, only allowing him three encounters per year. Sherlock promised to monitor his actions in the future.

David attended John and Mary's wedding where he was greeted by Mary, John and Sherlock.


David appeared in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three.

Behind the scenesEdit

David was played by Oliver Lansley.

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