Billy Kincaid
Vital statistics
Other names Camden Garrotter
Appearances The Sign of Three
"Best man I ever knew."
Sherlock Holmes about Billy.[src]

Billy Kincaid was a man also known as the Camden Garrotter. He also made vast contributions to charity, though never disclosing this information. His donations alone managed to save three hospitals from closure. Additionally, Billy ran the safest and best children's home in northern England.

In Sherlock Holmes' opinion, balancing the sheer number of lives saved to the occasional garrotings, Billy Kincaid is the best man he ever knew.


Billy was mentioned in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three.

Behind the scenesEdit

Billy Kincaid is the name of a character who first appeared in the Spawn comic book series by Todd McFarlane. This character was a recurring villain, most noticable for his killing of children.

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