"There are many who believe that within this compound, in the heart of this ancient wilderness, there are horrors beyond imagining."
—Documentary reporter about Baskerville.[src]

The Baskerville complex.

Baskerville is a military base in Dartmoor, England. Long shrouded in mystery, Baskerville is one of the most secret operations of the British government, with its chemical and biological weapons research centre reportedly more sensitive than Porton Down. The base has been in operation since the Second World War and has always been connected to rumoured experiments, such as genetic mutations.

Baskerville runs a testing site nearby the base, which has been in operation for about eighty years. Locally called the Great Grimpen Minefield, the activites undergone at the site are widely unknown.

Appearances Edit

Baskerville appeared in the Sherlock episode The Hounds of Baskerville.

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