Vital statistics
Residents Charles Augustus Magnessen (formerly)
Affiliation CAM News
Appearances His Last Vow
"The Western world is run from this house."
Sherlock Holmes about the house.[src]

Appledore is the residence of the newspaper tycoon and blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen. It was believed by Sherlock Holmes to be home to the secret Appledore vaults, though these were actually contained in Charles' Mind Palace.

On Christmas Day 2014, Sherlock and John Watson traveled to Appledore. Once there, Charles revealed that the Appledore vaults were in fact in his Mind Palace. Just outside Appledore, Sherlock later fatally shot Charles in the head.


Charles Augustus Magnussen traveled back to Appledore after a day in front of the parliamentary committee. He used his Mind Palace, reviewing the files on Lady Smallwood's husband's young lover. He also consulted his Mind Palace after his first meeting with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, reviewing the information concerning John's wife Mary.

Christmas Day, 2014Edit

Appledore interior

The interior of Appledore.

On 25 December 2014, Sherlock and John traveled to Appledore to meet with Charles. Sherlock had previously negotiated the journey with Charles, offering him Mycroft Holmes's laptop in exchange. After arriving by helicopter, Charles revealed that it was him that put John in the Saint James the Less bonfire. Sherlock handed over Mycroft's computer, saying that Charles would get the password if Sherlock was given all the information on Mary.

Charles then revealed that the Appledore vaults were in fact his mind palace. Charles also revealed that he knew that Mycroft's laptop would contain a GPS tracker, and that Mycroft's operatives would soon be converging on Appledore. The three then left the house, waiting just outside for them to arrive. After Mycroft and his associates arrived at the house, Sherlock shot Charles in the head.


Appledore appeared in the Sherlock episode His Last Vow.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Appledore was filmed at Swinhay House, owned by the millionaire Sir David McMurtry. Designed by the firm Renishaw, the house cost 30 million pounds to build.[1]
  • The script for the episode His Last Vow describes Appledore as "the Citizen Kane mansion for the iPod generation".[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The real-life Appledore: £30 million futuristic house in Gloucestershire that was home to Sherlock Holmes' nemesis, by the Bristol Post; link here.
  2. From the DVD commentary for the Sherlock episode His Last Vow.

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