Anthea lauriston gardens
Vital statistics
Affiliation MI6
Occupation Mycroft's assissant
Appearances A Study in Pink
The Empty Hearse
Main actor Lisa McAllister

This woman, sometimes known by the name Anthea, is an assistant to Mycroft Holmes. She is often seen completing errands for Mycroft, such as fetching John Watson to take him to a secret location.[1]


In late January 2010, Anthea was in the car used to take John Watson to meet Mycroft Holmes. She did not talk much during the trip, instead concentrating on her phone. When John asked her name she replied with Anthea, despite later admitting that this wasn't her real name.

On the return trip to 221B Baker Street, John clumsily tried to ask her out on a date but she rejected his advances.

She traveled with Mycroft to visit Roland Kerr Further Education College after the cab driving serial killer Jeff Hope was killed. John again tried to have a conservation with her, but she didn't seem to remember him. She was told by Mycroft to upgrade the surveillance level of John and Sherlock.

After Sherlock's returnEdit

When Sherlock Holmes returned to Britain two years after his apparent suicide, Anthea was there in Mycroft's office as Mycroft informed Sherlock of the terrorist plot. Anthea tried to help Mycroft gain Sherlock's attention, telling him that an agent died for the information. She also presents Sherlock with his Belstaff coat.


Anthea has appeared in the Sherlock episodes:

Behind the scenesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. As occurs in the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink.

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